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Uploaded November 7, 2018

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4,230 ft
2,030 ft
4.32 mi

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near Slesse Park, British Columbia (Canada)

GPS tracking accuracy poor due to heavy forest canopy, however the single trail is very easy to follow. Track recorded on October 7, 2018, party of 7.

Parking Area

The last few km to the parking is a gravel road. It is a small parking lot but not busy in early October on a rain day.
Information point

Outhouse Facility

This is the only such facility seen in this track, a single unit located about 50 meters above the parking lot
Information point

Trail Conditions

Lower trails, over the first 2 or three kilometers are broad and easy walking; no root or rock obstacles until higher up.

In the forest


mountain stream crossing

Trail hugs countours on sides of a mountain stream valley , the stream crossing, almost dry in October.

fog banks roll in

Trail distance marker (1 km)
Information point

cross logging road at landing

The forest opens up a bit here

in the forest


2 km marker


first views to north

An opening along the ridge affords views over farmland towards the north. Cloud covered on the day.
Information point

trail conditions

Siltstone outcrops in and beside the trail

October colours

The forest changes with shorter trees and more deciduous type, maples, the autumn colours are at their peak in ealy-October 2018.

relics of an older trail

It appears that different branches have been active over the years, and as new ones become favoured the older ones grow over and disappear into the forest floor.

steeper climb

The steepness increases from here

openings with south views

Forest thinning a bit and trees become stunted below the tree line. Views towards south.

On ridge line in clouds

Still just below tree line; attained a rocky outcrop on the ridge, however heavier rain starts so turned back here. There would surely be wonderful views at this location on a clear day. final muddy section before top on ridge line


  • Photo of DXMARIUS

    DXMARIUS Nov 10, 2018

    Fantastic pictures. This place is amazing.

  • Photo of mehdi.tabibvand

    mehdi.tabibvand Feb 29, 2020

    what a beautiful route,that is great

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