Moving time  one hour 24 minutes

Time  one hour 41 minutes

Coordinates 1035

Uploaded April 27, 2018

Recorded April 2018

2,779 f
2,291 f
3.6 mi

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near Pinos del Valle, Andalucía (España)

Circular route from the Lavadero by the Sports ground in Calle Juncal, Pinos Del Valle.

Also possible to link up from the Sendero Del Jabalí trail - both suitable for hiking or mountain biking but note it is not suitable for beginners - you need to be an intermediate/experienced mountain biker.

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  • Photo of Trail splits at 1.7km
Option to take one of two trails - carry straight on for this one
  • Photo of 2.53km mark
View down to concrete road below
  • Photo of At 3.08km view of the Ermita
View up above to your left of the Ermita
  • Photo of 3.4km
Follow new trail
  • Photo of 3.84km
Follow white arrows ahead
  • Photo of 3.89km
Follow trail to the right - see white arrows
  • Photo of 4.34km
Take trail to the left in front of you - towards turbines
  • Photo of Take trail to the right
Follow trail to the right back down to road
  • Photo of Turn right back to Pinos Del Valle
At road turn right and return to Pinos Del Valle
  • Photo of End of route
Arrive back at the Olive Oil mill in Pinos

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