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  • Photo of Eiðiskollur
  • Photo of Eiðiskollur
  • Photo of Eiðiskollur
  • Photo of Eiðiskollur

Time  one hour 25 minutes

Coordinates 412

Uploaded March 10, 2014

Recorded July 2013

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2.7 mi

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near Eiði, Eysturoyar sýsla (Føroyar)

Steep at some times but overall a short walk with rewarding views.
Once you get to the end of the road. Just follow the path across the fence. The walk is -almost- a straight line to the summit. There is an abandoned WWII post at the top. The views are extraordinary on a sunny and day: Risin and Kellingin, Tjørnuvík, the fjord, etc.

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  • adhart Jul 4, 2018

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    A simple but stunning hike. Park at the end of the road and the first cairn is in sight. Then it’s pretty much follow the path up and up. The views from the top are as amazing as any in the Faroes, and less well known.

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