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near Marchmont, Scotland (United Kingdom)

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Visit the city of Edinburgh, Scotland, going through places such as the Greyfriars cemetery (where the Bobby dog ​​was waiting for his owner for 14 years, who was buried there), the National Museum of Scotland, the Castle from Edinburgh, St Giles Cathedral (and the Royal Mile), the Scottish National Gallery, the ScotlandsPeople Center towards the end of the Princes Street, the views from Calton Hill, the Dunbars Close Garden (set in the 17th century ), the Scottish Parliament (designed by a Catalan architect), the Royal Botanic Garden of Edinburgh, the way (a piece) that borders the River Water of Leith, and the Cathedral of St Mary.
Cementiri Greyfriars
Museu Nacional d'Escòcia (National Museum of Scotland)
Castell d'Edinburgh (Edinburgh Castle)
Catedral de St Giles (St Giles' Cathedral)
Galeria Nacional Escocesa (Scottish National Gallery)
ScotlandsPeople Centre
Calton Hill
Dunbars Close
Parlament Escocès (The Scottish Parliament)
Jardí Botànic Reial d'Edinburgh (Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh)
Water of Leith
Catedral de St Mary (St Mary's Cathedral)


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