Time  5 hours 9 minutes

Coordinates 1369

Uploaded October 19, 2010

Recorded October 2010

155 f
-34 f
6.9 mi

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near Alafaya Woods, Florida (United States)

This hike will take you through many of the trails found in the Econ River Wilderness Area. During the hike we also ventured down the Econlockhatchee River that borders the wilderness area on the east. That part of the river is controlled by the SJRWMD and access is allowed as long as you obey their rules.
The Econ River Wilderness area itself provides plenty of areas and ecosystems to visit - from beautiful oak hammocks, to pine flatwoods and sandhill habitats. The trail marked system is approximately three miles long, but there are many other places to wander around. The wilderness area is bordered on all sides; besides the river there are houses and housing developments. The day we visited the area there wasn’t much wildlife present, most likely the time of the day we were there. There were a few different kinds of wildflowers and mushrooms around. When you get down by the river you will be find the river views very beautiful.
If it is the dry season, you might want to venture down the river for some views of some spectacular cypress trees and more river views. If it is the wet season, you might not want to try it as it does get quite muddy around the river.
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Please, take nothing but photos, leaving nothing but footprints!
Bench Along Trail
Bench Along River
Bench Along River
Boardwalk Over Wet Area
Dirt Road/Trail
Parking Area/Infomation


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