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near Eckenhagen, Nordrhein-Westfalen (Deutschland)

Walk from Eckenhagen to the ski area Blockhaus and back, largely through forests. You can find something to eat and drink in Eckenhagen and at Blockhaus, although the ‘Panoramahütte’ in Blockhaus was temporarily closed during our trip by the order of the mayor and has limited opening times anyway. The hike is predominantly easy, on larger forest or field roads, but has a steep descent on grass from Blockhaus.
The hike starts at a parking lot ‘Wickenbach’, just outside Eckenhagen. You walk into the forest, but then ascend quite steeply to the village of Eckenhagen. You walk to the center with the Evangelische Barockkirche and some timber-framed houses (‘Vakwerk’). You walk around the church and then ascend via the asphalt Landwehrstrasse to the edge of the forest. Shortly after reaching the edge of the forest you take a path into the forest. Here a lot of logging had taken place and tree trunks were lined up in places, one of these tree trunk collections blocking the path at the end. I expect the trunks will have been removed shortly after the walk, and we could pass the collection quite simply actually. There was a lot of this logging going on in the forest. You continue on broader forest roads taking you up past a viewpoint above Branscheid and then further up to a neat Nature Reserve protecting juniper trees (‘Wacholderschutzgebiet Branscheid’). Another forest road takes you to the top of the hill where you arrive at a gravel road amidst pasture and corn fields. You follow this gravel road towards Blockhaus, which was quite deserted during our trip. The Panoramahütte was closed, and the fog was so dense that we did not have the good views you would normally have here. At the Panoramhütte you could walk a little along the asphalt road to get a view of the ski area. However, we descended steeply on grass next to the Hütte. Below you enter the forest again, first along a track along a forest stream, and then on forest roads along another stream. One of these forest roads takes you down along a slope to the Hexentanzplatz, a crossing of forest roads where witches dance… Here we took a smaller forest track in a west north west direction to the top of the Breselberg, but this forest track disappeared at the end due to logging activities. So I replaced that part of the walk with the track continuing straight on to the hamlet Wolfseifen. Shortly after, you arrive back to the starting point.

Black gravel road

Gravel road between pasture and corn fields lined by forests. I guess the views are normally very good, but it was foggy on our trip.


Ski area. There is a Panoramahütte here, but this was closed temporarily during our trip. When there is snow there is skiing and sledding.


Center of the village with the church and timber-framed houses ('Vakwerk').

Forest road

Forest road taking you slowly up

Forest road along stream

Forest road with forest stream below and a quite open beech tree forest


Crossing of forest roads with a shelter and dancing witches. We took the NNW forest track across Breselberg, but this track was in bad shape due to logging and disappeared towards the end, so you better go straight on. The pictures were taken on the bad forest track you will not take if you follow this gps track.

Path along stream

You leave the grassland, and follow the path along a stream which appears from a pipe.

Path closed due to tree harvesting

Here the path was temporarily closed due to logging activities. Tree trunks blocked the path. It was easy to bypass, and I expect the path will be freed from the tree trunks soon.

Path into the forest

Here you take the path into the forest

Steep descent on meadow

Steep descent on grassland from Blockhaus. Can be slippery. There were large collections of (rabbit?) keys on the grass.

View towards Branscheid

Here you have a view towards Branscheid

Wacholderschutzgebiet Branscheid

Nature reserve with heather and juniper trees.


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