2.87 mi

Elevation gain

249 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

249 ft

Max elevation

231 ft



Min elevation

6 ft

Trail type



one hour 58 minutes




May 31, 2016


May 2016
231 ft
6 ft
2.87 mi

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near Capo Ceraso, Sardegna (Italia)

Isola Tavolara is a beautiful island that can be reached by boat from Porta San Paolo (see The most challenging hike you can do is climbing to the top of the island, the Punta Cannone at 558 m. However, this is a very difficult climb, some say for experts with a guide (see other tracks on wikiloc). If you want to do something else than sit on the beach or in the bar-restaurant, but Punta Cannone is a bit much, you could do this easy hike, also suited for kids (beware of a short steep climb away from the harbor).
After arrival in the harbor, you can have a look at the menu in the restaurant (if open), or take a drink in the bar, before turning right along the water. A road to the left is forbidden (the largest part of the island is a military zone). Just past the last concrete pier, a small path goes up onto the rocks (short climb) and then gives access to an easy path taking you slowly up to a cave and a nice viewpoint on the southwest side of the island (at about 70 m). Along the path you have a good view of the mountain, the little village and the beach, as well as the Sardinian coast. From there you go back down the same way to the harbor and walk on to the large sandy beach. After a refreshing swim you continue onto the rocks on the southwestern point of the island, walk along the shore until you get to a fenced path through the dunes which takes you back to the starting point. On the way you pass by a small cemetery, where you can find the graves of the kings of Tavolara, among others the first king Paolo (see e.g. to know more about the small ‘kingdom’ Tavolara used to be).

Beach Cala Tramontana

This is the beach behind the restaurant on the north side.

Beach Spalmatore di Terra

Beautiful sandy beach backed up by dunes and a good view of the Punta Cannone


Cave at about 70 m altitude. Lots of rabbits it seems by all the droppings on the floor.
Information point


Cemetery with the graves of the former 'kings' of Tavolara.
Information point

End of path

Here the gravel path stops. There is a minor trail going further up the mountain.
Mooring point

Ferry dock

This is where the ferry from Porto San Paolo docks. There is a restaurant and a bar here.
Information point

Path up the mountain

Here you climb a minor trail up a few meters till you get to a well-maintained path along the southwest side of the mountain.
Information point

Southwest point of the island

The track takes you around the southwest point of the island with rocks and small coves.
Information point

Walk through the dunes

Here you enter a path lined with fences through the dunes


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