5.73 mi

Elevation gain

102 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

102 ft

Max elevation

111 ft



Min elevation

-45 ft

Trail type





December 9, 2020


December 2020
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111 ft
-45 ft
5.73 mi

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near Bungay, England (United Kingdom)

Meet at the Outney Common car park near Bungay golf club.

Head SW and, near the golf club, use the footbridge to cross the A143.
Head SE along Outney Road.
Turn right, SW, along Earsham Dam.
Cross the brick bridge and continue SW.
Near the Roaring Arch Bridge, turn left, south, river right.
Cross the river and head roughly west into Church Road, Earsham.
Cross another channel of the river and turn left, SW, river left.
Cross the three new bridges and head across the open access land.
Head SE and use the narrow metal gates.
Cross another branch of the Waveney and head south through more gates.
The large barns will be on the left.
Head to the B1062 and cross over. Climb the hill, fence right.
At the top go through a gate and turn right, SW.
Follow the field perimeter, SW, SE, SW and finally SE again.
Turn right, south and join the concrete farm track. Head SE.
The concrete track bends right, SW. Ignore the left turn to the farm.
When the concrete bends left, south, turn off, left, east, through trees.
Head NE along the tarmac lane, passing farm buildings.
Cross Saint Margarets Road and continue NE along Manor Farm Road.
After ponds and farm buildings, turn left and right and head NW across the meadow.
Follow this path all the way to Manor Road, Bungay High School, right.
Cross Hillside Road West and continue NW along the alley way.
Back on roads, converted windmill right, head north and soon NE along Southend Road.
Turn right, SE, along the A144.
Turn first left, into Pilgrims Way and follow the road to the end.
Turn right, NE, and head through the playground.
Continue NE along Garden Close.
Turn left, west, along Beccles Road.
Turn right, north, into Staithe Road.
Head north past the mill building and cross the Waveney at the sluices.
Turn left, NW, through Falcon Meadow, river left.
Turn left, SW, and cross the river into Bridge Street.
Turn first right, NW, into Nethergate Street.
Divert left, SW, along Stone Alley to visit the Green Dragon.
Alternatively continue NW to the end of the road.
Head NW to the roundabout and cross the A143.
Head NW into Outney Common. Turn left, SW, pond right.
Head SW back to the car park.

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TM 33151 90085, Outney Common

TM 33151 90085, Outney Common

Green Dragon, Bungay


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