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near Emerald Bay, California (United States)

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Easy and short walk to Eagle Lake, in South Lake Tahoe, California.

The correctly signposted road leaves from the Eagle Lake parking lot. There is a Registration Point where we will have to register saying where we plan to go. The road to Eagle Lake is easy and short, and we can extend the route as much as we want by continuing on the same trail.

Apparently the bath in the Lake is allowed, and the views of both Lake and Emerald Bay, from Lake Tahoe, are spectacular.

The environment, like the rest of the High Sierra or Sierra Nevada, is Granitic Rock with conifers. The "tree line", that is, the height to which the arboreal vegetation survives, is much higher than in Europe, being able to see pine forests at 2300m of altitude. The temperature in summer, in the same way, is much warmer than one could think despite the height, being easy to get temperatures above 30 degrees.

Eagle Lake


Parking and Registration post


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