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near Katáfyto, East Macedonia and Thrace (Greece)

The E4 European Long Distance Trail crosses from Spain to Cyprus passing through Bulgaria and Greece on the way. Gpx files for the E4 through Bulgaria and Northern Greece can be found on hiking.waymarkedtrails.org or traildino.com, but there is a gap between them. This is the route I walked to bridge that gap. After descending from the Slayvanka mountains through woodland it involves some road walking, some tracks through farmland, crossing the border, climbing up to Fort Rupel and walking on paths beside the motorway and river down the valley to reach the joint E4 and E6 route across Northern Greece. There are two overgrown sections that may cause difficulties in future years.
More details in johnpone4bulgaria.blogspot.com and johnpone4greece.blogspot.com.

Fort Rupel

A second world war defensive position that held out against the Germans who eventually entered Greece down another valley. There is a viewpoint and extensive tunnels dug into the hillside. The path coming from Promachonos is rather overgrown near the top. At the buildings on the summit the soldiers may be surprised to see you as most people would arrive by the tarmac road.

Hizha Izvora

Izvora hut where you can stay the night. You should book in advance.

Hotel Kompleks Komitite

Hotel handy for the border with large swimming pool

Livadeto hut

A shelter inhabited by a shepherd when I passed

Overgrown section of track


Shop where they wanted to know what I was doing

When I bought a coke and ice cream at this shop the people there were suspicious about what I was doing in the village. They started talking about police. Fortunately I used the Self Guided service from Bulguides.com and they were able to reassure the locals over the telephone that I was just a tourist. You may want to avoid stopping to avoid such problems.


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