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Coordinates 421

Uploaded May 28, 2008

Recorded May 2008

3,345 f
3,148 f
1.66 mi

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near Balderson Station, California (United States)

This trail starts at the Dru Barner Campground and heads south to the Balderston Trail head. The Dru Barner Trail is primarily a equestrian trail but is also available to hikers. It is very easy to follow, though it is rutted out in a few places due to lack of switchbacks. It is also overgrown by invasive Scotch Broom in some places so come with loppers and do a little maintainence if you can. This trail will lead you into the Rock Creek OHV area where lots of trails are, but they have been greatly abused by OHVs. There are a few nice hiking trails in the OHV area that should be mentioned, such as Sugarloaf Trail, and One Eye Trail.


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