Moving time  3 hours 25 minutes

Time  5 hours 58 minutes

Coordinates 2579

Uploaded September 8, 2018

Recorded September 2018

2,897 f
330 f
9.39 mi

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near Dhrákia, Thessaly (Greece)

Nice round walk/hike. 4-5 hours depending on the breaks you make and how fast you walk. In the middle of the trek at the highest point, there is a hotel you can have a drink and eat your Picknick.
From there it is mostly going down.
You can do the trek the other way around but it’s a bit harder then because the harder and steeper part is t the end.
Take right path. NOT the stairs
Watch out for the red marks.
Go left
Go left. Up the road
Turn right
Keep on going
Leave the road. Turn left to the dirt road.
Keep walking
Hotel with a nice view where you can have a drink.
Follow the red arrow. Small trail up left
Keep walking on trail
Red arrow. Keep following the trail
Junction: go left
Trail ending at road. Turn right up the road.
Do Not leave road. The trail on the left side is over grown and very tricky to handle. Walking on the road ist maybe the better choice.
Leave road to the left.
You might want to hike up to the cross on top of the mountain and enjoy the view for a minute.
Rocky terrain. Not easy
Yellow sign shows that you are on the right way.
Cross the road and keep walking on the trail on the other side.
Leave dirt road to the left and walk on the small trail.
Keep going left when back on dirt road.
Turn left. Trail
Back to civilization. Just a couple more meters through the Forrest.


    You can or this trail