Time  7 hours 18 minutes

Coordinates 1939

Uploaded April 6, 2020

Recorded July 2019

6,041 ft
3,245 ft
12.79 mi

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near Javorina, Prešovský (Slovensko)

The path started at Palenica Białczańska, where the shuttle bus stop and the car park were. A small fee was required to enter the national park. Shortly after the waterfall Wodogrzmoty Mickiewicza, I left the main road and followed a path leading to the Valley of the Five Polish Ponds. After that it was a long way of climbing up. After passing by the mighty Wielka Siklawa, highest waterfall in Poland, I finally reached the Valley of the Five Polish Ponds and was met by the first lake. Though it was not a bright and shiny day, the view was still stunning. I took a little break by the shelter and had something to eat. I didn't visit the other two lakes at the other side. After that, the path continued to climb up until descending into the valley where Morskie Oko was situated. It was a beautiful lake but it was too crowded for my taste. I used the facility at the hostel by the side of the lake. After that, I took the main path and returned to Palenica Białczańska, where I took a shuttle bus to return to Zakopane.

It was a pity that the weather was not as fine as I hoped, but the scenery was lovely and the hiking was enjoyable nonetheless.

Tatra National Park

Intersection to the path leading to the Valley of the Five Polish Ponds

Wielka Siklawa

The highest waterfall in Poland

Wielki Staw Polski

Wielki Staw Polski

Przedni Staw Polski

Przedni Staw Polski

Morskie Oko

The largest lake in the Tatra Mountains


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