8.02 mi

Elevation gain

3,425 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

3,425 ft

Max elevation

7,028 ft


75 4.2

Min elevation

3,655 ft

Trail type



5 hours 56 minutes




September 9, 2017


July 2016
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7,028 ft
3,655 ft
8.02 mi

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near Avrakóndes, Crete (Greece)

Dikti Mt, Limnakaros Plateau-E4 Trail-Spathi 2148m.

A hike to the highest peak of Dikti Mt from Limnakaros Plateau 1130m. The route ascends on trail, following the marked E4, up to 1790m altitude. There, it derives for a lesser trail, reaching the Spathi peak at 2148m elevation. On the descent, the track follows the ridgeline SW of the peak, and then gets off trail down to E4 again, at 1540m altitude. From there on, the route is the same as on the ascent.

Total distance 12.9 km
Accumulative gain +1.130m.

(Για πληροφορίες στα Ελληνικά συνεχίστε προς τα κάτω ).

The ascent can be combined with a visit at Δικταιον Άντρον, at Psychro village, the cave were Dias ( Zeus ) was raised according to Mythology. Please bear in mind, that the conditions while hiking at altitude in Crete, are most of the time chilly and windy, yes, even at the summertime. An extra piece of clothing and a windproof jacket are advised to be carried in the backpack. The terrain is quite rocky and harsh, even on trails.

A few words about the mountain: Dikti mountain is the third highest in Crete, located at the east part of the island. The name derives from the ancient Greek: Διας και τίκτω, meaning giving birth to Zeus. According to the ancient Greek Mythology, the newly born Zeus was hidden by his mother Rea, at the Dikteon Antron , a cave in Dikti, thus protecting him from the rage of his father, Kronos. North of the massif, the Lasithi Plateau is located, at 820m, the largest in Crete. Numerous villages surround the plateau, leaving the central main part, clear for cultivation. The windmills, some of them still surviving today, were introduced at the Venetian era.

Route description:
Access to the Limnakaros Plateau is easy with a vehicle, following a tarmac and concrete road, starting from the Avrakontes village, at Lasithti Plateau. The concrete road reaches the Agio Pnevma church, located at the western part of the plateau, at 1135m.

The recordings starts from this point, following the marked E4 trail. The road branches at four at this point, and we follow the branch heading South. The dirt road travels flat and passes by a couple of houses. It soon fades away, while reaching a broad dry river bed ( at summertime ). At this point we can pick a few E4 signs marking the trail, that travels at the East bank of the bed. ( While ascending, a lesser, parallel trail was followed ). Approaching the Spathi wall and at altitude 1350m, the trail turns West, and crosses the dry bed to the opposite bank, reaching the base of a slope.

The marked trail ascends on the slope and soon reaches a scree traverse. Continuing S-SW the trail aims an opening at 1540m. Just behind it, it reaches flat grounds, and aims the ridge, S-SW. At this point the trail turns S and ascends the slope between a few rocks. It now reaches some small plateaus, and moves from one to another until reaching the southernmost tip of a plateau at 1720m.

It now turns east and aims an opening above. Soon it reaches a shoulder giving view to the South Cretan Sea ( Libyan sea ) for the first time on this route. Traversing for a while, and with minimal altitude loss, we reach the trail junction at 1790m.

At this point, the E4 trail, continues it's descent down to Selakano Plateau, and thus not reaching the summit. However a lesser deviating trail, branches off to the NE. A metallic sign informs of this path, for Spathi Peak.

So picking the lesser trail to Spathi peak, we turn NE and ascent the slope following the trail and some faint red markings. Gaining altitude we reach the Ridge base, SW of Spathi Peak. The trail traverses the ridge from the south, gradually gaining altitude until it reaches the base of the peak.

From the base of the peak, it ascents for the the final push to the summit, finding it's way between some rock boulders. The peak is marked with a topographic pillar and some scattered rock fences, which offer protection from the frequent fierce winds. A summit log can be found as well.

The return route could be the same, however on this recording, the Ridgeline SW of the peak was followed, which offers spectacular view while on the move. to the N-NW. Reaching down to the base of the ridge again, and while on trail, at 1900m elevation, another deviation-shortcut was attempted. Heading off trail to the West, and then N-NW, descending a scree slope. The terrain at this scree is difficult, and probably not advised to be followed. Reaching E4 at 1540m, the recording follows the trail again, back to Limnakaros Plateau.

No water spring was encountered on the route.

Gregory Tzomakas

If you are up to the Crete's four highest mountains challenge, links to gps tracks can be found here:

1. Idi Mt 2456m
2. Lefka Ori 2453m
3. Dikti 2148m
4. Volakias 2116m
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Δίκτη, Οροπέδιο Λιμνάκαρου-Ε4-Σπαθί 2148μ.

Ανάβαση στην ψηλότερη κορυφή της Δίκτης από το οροπέδιο του Λιμνάκαρου, 1130μ. Η πρόσβαση στο οροπέδιο με όχημα είναι εύκολη ακολουθώντας δρόμο ασφάλτου-τσιμέντου που ξεκινά από το χωριό Αβρακόντες. Η διαδρομή ακολουθεί το σηματοδοτημένο Ε4 μέχρι υψομέτρου 1790μ. Στο σημείο αυτό συνεχίζει σε μικρότερο μονοπάτι με αραιή σήμανση για την κορυφή Σπαθί 2148μ. Η επιστροφή από την κορυφή πραγματοποιήθηκε από την ΝΔ κορυφογραμμή του Σπαθιού ( που προσφέρει όμορφη θέα εν κινήσει προς τα ΒΔ ), και στην συνέχεια από συντόμευση εκτός μονοπατιού μέχρι υψομέτρου 1540μ., οπότε και συναντά το Ε4 και πάλι. Η επιστροφή από το σημείο αυτό και έπειτα, πραγματοποιείται στην χάραξη ανάβασης.

Συνολική αποόσταση: 12.9 km
Θετική υψομετρική +1.130m.

Επιπρόσθετες πληροφορίες στα Ελληνικά μπορούν να βρεθούν στο κείμενο των waypoints και στις λεζάντες των φωτογραφιών.

Γρηγόρης Τζομάκας

Ascending Trail

After crossing the dry river bed the distinct trail ascends on a slope. / Το μονοπάτι αφού διασχίσει την στεγνή κοίτη, ανεβαίνει σε πλαγιά.

Ridge, Shrub Thicket

At this point ( 1580m ) the trail reaches a shrub thicket on a ridge and ascends on the slope, heading south. / Στο σημείο αυτό το μονοπάτι περνά δίπλα από θαμνώθη θύσανο σε χαρακτηριστική ράχη, και ανεβαίνει πλαγια με κατεύθυνση Νότια

Dirt Road

Dirt road that heads towards the Mt. After crossing a couple of small houses-sheep sheds, it fades away in broad dry ( summer months ) river bed. / Ο χωματόδρομος με νότια κατέυθυνση προσπερνά δύο οικήματα και σβήνει φτάνοντας σε πλατιά στεγνή κοίτη.

Dry River Bed

A broad, dry river bed. The signed E4 trail moves at the east bank. / Πλατιά στεγνή πετρώδης κοίτη. Το σηματοδοτημένο μονοπάτι του Ε4 κινείται στην ανατολική όχθη.

Flat grounds

At 1520m the trail crosses flat ground, heading SW. / Σε υψόμετρο 1520 μ περίπου το μονοπάτι διασχίζει επίπεδο έδαφος με κατεύθυνση ΝΔ.
Religious site

Limnakaros Plateau

The Limnakaros Plateau at 1120m elevation. The tarmac-concrete road reaches here, where a small chuch is situated. Parking here our mean of transportation, we start hiking on a dirt road heading South. / Το Οροπέδιο του Λιμνάκαρου σε υψόμετρο 1120μ περίπου. Ο δρόμος ασφάλτου-τσιμέντου καταλήγει εδώ στο παρεκλήσι του Αγίου Πνέυματος. Αρχίζουμε την πορεία με κατεύθυνση Νότια.


The ridgeline SW of Spathi peak, offering spectacular view to the W, while on the move. / Η κορυφογραμμή ΝΔ της κορυφής που προσφέρει όμορφη θέα προς τα Δυτικά.
Mountain pass

Rock Opening

The trail ascends between small rock boulders, and aims an opening. Just behind it we gain sight of the South Cretan See, for the firsr time on the route. Continue on a traverse with minimal altitude loss. / Το μονοπάτι στοχεύει χαρακτηριστικό άνοιγμα ανάμεσα στα βράχια. Περνώντας πίσω του, αποκτούμε για πρώτη φορά θέα προς τα ΝΔ και το Λιβυκό Πέλαγος. Συνεχίζουμε σε τραβέρσα με μικρή υψομετρική απώλεια.

Scree Off Trail

Off Trail Scree shortcut. Tiresome terrain. Not advisable / Σάρα εκτός μονοπατιού. Συντόμευση σε δύσκολο terrain.

Small Plateau

Small plateau at 1740m elevation, surounded by rock formations. The trail continuues South and soon turns East. / Μικρό οροπέδιο περιτριγυρισμένο από βράχινους σχηματισμούς. Το μονοπάτι συνεχίζει νότια, και σύντομα στρέφεται ανατολικά, στοχεύοντας άνοιγμα ανάμεσα σε βράχους.

Spathi 2148m

Spathi 2148m peak, highest of Mount Dikta. A concrete topographic pillar marks the peak and a summit log can be found. The peak is also reffered as Entihtis. / Σπαθί 2148μ. ψηλότερη κορυφή του Όρους Δίκτη. Υψομετρικός στύλος της ΓΥΣ στο κέντρο ξερολιθιάς που προστατεύει από τον άνεμο. Τετράδιο κορυφής. Η κορυφή αναφέρεται και ως Εντίχτης.

Trail Crossroad

Trail crossraoad, the E4 path continues to the East towards Salakano. The Trail for Spathi Peak heads N-NE marked with faint red markings. / Διασταύρωση μονοπατιών. Το Ε4 συνεχίζει ανατολικά προς το Σαλακάνο. Εκείνο για την κορυφή Σπαθί, συνεχίζει Β-ΒΔ με αχνή κόκκινη σήμανση.


At this point the trail traverses a scree. Continuing again on firm ground, we head an opening to the SW. / Το μονοπάτι για μικρό μήκος, τραβερσάρει σε σάρα. Συνεχίζοντας στο μονοπάτι, στοχεύουμε άνοιγμα στα ΝΔ.

Traversing Path

The trail traverses east of the ridgeline, gaining altitude towards the peak. / Το μονοπάτι τραβερσάρει ανατολικά της κορυφογραμμής και κερδίζει σταδιακά ύψος, ενώ συγχρόνως πλησιάζει την κορυφή.


  • Photo of Kostas Min

    Kostas Min Sep 3, 2018

    Εξαιρετική δουλειά

  • sarahwhitehead1 Sep 30, 2019

    I have followed this trail  verified  View more

    One of the biggest challenges we had was finding the starting point! Google maps kept trying to take us on dirt tracks and through farmers fields and we got stuck in the car a couple of times. However, if you ignore google and stick to the main roads there is a tarmac road all the way to the start.

    We didn’t make it to the very top as was a very hot day. Would suggest leaving plenty of time and would need a very good fitness level to complete. Absolutely stunning views both on the journey to the start, but also on the hike. Would really recommend!

    The pictures posted of the route were also super helpful. Tip- when navigating the dry river bed, follow the piles of stones on the right hand side - they will lead you on the easiest path (we only spotted them on the way down!)

    We went to the start of the final summit and it took us 3.5 hours, including a break.

    Thanks for posting this hike, it was really great and helpful info.

  • Marco Kooijman Aug 17, 2020

    I have followed this trail  verified  View more

    The trail via the E4 going up is doable, but indeed it takes effort to reach the top. We went back via the suggested route in this post, but that’s indeed not advisable (I was reading also your comment in this text after the walk) The 2nd shortcut is very difficult to walk. Though thanks for sharing all the tips and route initially. It was really helpful. The surroundings are beautiful and we enjoyed (most of) it!

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