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Uploaded March 27, 2014

Recorded March 2014

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near Footman, Florida (United States)

This park is a strange one for me. The main park is made up of soccer fields, a skate park, a playground and a large picnic pavilion. It also has a cement walkway which winds from the community area out to Murell Road. That is what is advertised as the “park”. This Wikiloc will take you onto some of the primitive trails I found around the area while GEOCaching. I’m not sure where the park boundaries actually begin and end, but I have been told that it is quite extensive. There is a canal which can be found which feeds into a large retention pond. This Wikiloc only reflects some of the trails you can explore. Again the best way is through GEOCaching. The whole area and its trails are quite impressive. I am not sure what keeps them in such good shape. I did see some birds while out there in March 2014, but not many. It seems the ponds and canals are pretty much “dead”, thus no wading birds or gators were spotted by me that day. I did see what I believed to be a large red fox, a very impressive animal. I did see a few wildflowers out there; wildflowers are harder to find, at least in 2013/2014. I know pets are not welcome in the main areas.
Visit my website for more information. Happy trails to all!
Some Alligator Retention Ponds
I Exited Concrete Walkway Here to Wander a Primitive Trail
Main Picnic Area
Primitive Trail out to Powerline Point
Small trail winding along
Start Concrete Walkway Starts Here


    You can or this trail