Time  one hour 50 minutes

Coordinates 234

Uploaded March 15, 2014

Recorded March 2014

64 f
5 f
1.15 mi

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near South Titusville, Florida (United States)

This EEL managed area is made up of a few ecosystems. You pass through a pine forest into an open scrub with some pretty tall pine trees around. The majority of the marked trail is out in the open, so be prepared for that! The EEL group has marked a small loop trail, it was very well maintained the day I visited the area. There are a few GEOCaches on the property if you’re into that. I did see some songbirds as well a couple of protected scrub jays. It seems in some areas of Brevard scrub jays are highly regarded and very well protected. These scrubs are still living their free life; their only protection is their own fortitude to survive! As you can see it is a very short hike, but it was a nice hike. I only found one flower out there; wildflowers are harder to find, at least in 2013/2014. I didn’t really see any of the plant the area is named for, the Dicerandra. Pets are not allowed, so leave your furry friend home.
Visit my website www.tomchoma.com for more information. Happy trails to all!
An Alternate Entrance to this EEL Property
Information area and small parking spot
Some protected scrub jays said hello to me here in this area - no feeding them!


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