2.78 mi

Elevation gain

764 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

833 ft

Max elevation

9,688 ft



Min elevation

8,846 ft

Trail type

  • Photo of Devils Head Hike
  • Photo of Devils Head Hike
  • Photo of Devils Head Hike
  • Photo of Devils Head Hike
  • Photo of Devils Head Hike




June 25, 2011


June 2011
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9,688 ft
8,846 ft
2.78 mi

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near Oxyoke, Colorado (United States)

This is a moderately difficult hike on good stable trail and provides great views at the top where there is a fire lookout tower. It is up and back on the same trail.

The trail is wide and well made. It is easy on the footing and there are no technical sections. It starts in a canyon with ample shade from aspen and lots of additional greenery and shrubs. After a short while, the trail turns and begins traversing the canyon towards the top. As it ascends, there is less shade, but still ample spots to stop in the shade from evergreen trees. There are many nice points along this traversing section for views. The top of the trail opens into a small valley that contains the park ranger house and other small structures There is an additional climb up 143 stairs to reach the fire lookout station. The views are excellent from the lookout station.

There is ample parking at the trail head, although it is a popular spot and gets busy during the summer.

Getting There
The last 10 miles to the trail head are on dirt road that is reasonably wide for 2 cars to pass, but the road has significant frost heaves, so be careful and keep vehicle speed down. The road is easily passable by a low clearance 2-wheel drive vehicle during summer.

The trail is closed when threat of thunderstorms. This area is prone to lightening strikes. It is advisable to hike in the morning. Pets are allowed.


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