• Photo of Denman Island -Spruce Loop

Time  49 minutes

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Uploaded October 30, 2015

Recorded October 2015

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near Denman Island, British Columbia (Canada)

Denman Island -Spruce Loop. Multi - use. Horses, hikers, bikes. Totally within Denman Provincial Park. The pic shows the roadside trail along Park Rd. nice as you don't have to walk or ride on the road. There is a seasonal stream that can be tricky if it has been raining hard, but you can wade through or jump it most of the time. It is dry most of the year.
This trail features a lovely Alder Alley on the east portion. In May and June you may be lucky enough to see Checkerspot Butterflies. Access off Park Rd. look for signs on the Telephone poles to indicate entrances.

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  • laurapopedenman Apr 5, 2017

    This is lovely easy trail. There are two Alder avenues where you can walk side-by-side . In order to complete the loop you'll walk along a portion of Park Road where you can also walk side-by-side . If you are on a horse or a bike the south side of Park Road actually has a roadside trail . There is also portion of the trail which is single file and along which you can find Taylor's checkerspot butterflies in the May June time line . If you start at the west end of this trail you can also split to the right at the provincial Parks line and there you will be able to link up with the Beadnell Island Bridge and trail . This trail link will be complete in the summer of 2017 .

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