Time  3 hours 55 minutes

Coordinates 1476

Uploaded February 11, 2019

Recorded February 2019

431 f
-205 f
9.79 mi

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near Den Dolder, Utrecht (Nederland)

A great hike in all seasons. We did this on a partly cloudy day in February.
Much of the walk is based on "Groene Wissel Den Dolder", but we made some variations en route. Sometimes to avoid unnecessary traffic noise, another time to have a closer look at Pluismeer, sometimes because we preferred the path, another time to cross a sandy dunelike part.

All in all, recommendable because of the variety of landscapes and views along the route. For us the highlight was Pluismeer. For others it could be the beautiful manor estates that you come across or the many (beech)treelined tracks.
Birdwatching spot and bench


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