Moving time  9 hours

Time  14 hours 12 minutes

Coordinates 4101

Uploaded August 29, 2019

Recorded August 2019

14,243 ft
7,860 ft
14.19 mi

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near Phhamir, Gilgit-Baltistan (Pakistan)

Expedition overview:
We started jeep ride from Shahtoot hotel to Khaltoro village as part of our Rakhan Gali-Khun meadows trek. The aim of the expedition was to start from Khaltoto valley and cross Rakhan Gali Pass to cross into Bagrote valley of Gilgit. On our way we took a small detour to explore the charming Khun meadows.

Khaltoro valley is a subvalley of Haramosh valley, the other subvalley being Kutwal. The maps of all 3 days of the expedition are uploaded on Wikiloc.

Trek overview:
Starting from the base of Rakhan Gali pass, the trek offers a challenge of very steep ascend uptill Rakhan Gali pass. The descend is even more tricky with steep slippery slope covered with loose scree not offering much friction to grip one's feet. Once the descend is negotiated successfully the valley opens up and a gentle walk with the epic views of Bagrote valley could be enjoyed. Initially, we planned to camp at one of several campsites in Bagrote valley, but due to some personal reasons we had to continue walking in the night till the village in the Bagrote valley from where jeep could be hired for going to Gilgit, that maded the trek very lengthy.


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