Time  2 hours

Coordinates 660

Uploaded October 17, 2015

Recorded October 2015

884 f
702 f
4.43 mi

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near Fargo, New York (United States)

Mixture of small streams, new forest, hills and vales. Paths were very well marked and part of a much larger trail system.Park is bounded on four sides by roads, map was handy but tough to go too far wrong. Parking is available at the start point.

Trail was a bit muddy but footing was generally good and no major climbs or descents. Ran into a storm on the hike and lost some data. The straight line from 2 to 2.5 km isn't accurate, the small diversions on the return route north (going east from the trail) show more accurately where we went. Stay on the 'Conservation Trail' marked with orange markers. Some decent mature trees and fall colours made the hike worth while. Some wildlife...... Some hunters.....
Bridge. slightly further down this path we were stopped by a stream that we couldn't quite cross so we doubled back
most intersections were marked, a map of the park trails helped
this would have been handy when the hail hit


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