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Moving time  one hour 29 minutes

Time  2 hours 21 minutes

Coordinates 736

Uploaded August 3, 2020

Recorded August 2020

3,628 ft
1,977 ft
2.53 mi

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near Krynica-Wieś, Województwo małopolskie (Polska)

A very nice trail which allows you to get to the top of Jaworzyna Krynicka from the outskirts of Krynica Zdrój. It is a part of Main Beskid Trail. Not too hard and picturesque route which will lead you to the highest peak in the Jaworzyna Range.

Educational and nature path

The whole trail is also the Educational and nature path with 14 informative boards placed on the way.

Nice views at the beginning


Gondola lift

At a certain point, the trail meets the gondola lift to the top of Jaworzyna

Green trail meeting point

At the last stage, you will find also the another, green trail leading from Krynica to the top of Jaworzyna. In my opinion, it is, however, harder and less interesting. It leads almost parallelly to the gondola lift.
Archaeological site

Devil's rock

Interesting place to stop and learn one of the mountain legends.


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