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Uploaded June 7, 2011

6,722 f
2,520 f
33.07 mi

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near Bøverkinnhalsen, Oppland (Norway)

a week in the wild


  • hyden Jun 12, 2012

    how long did you take to cover this distance? did you need any special equipment to cover ice fields?

  • OmerGal Jun 27, 2013

    he mentioned that it took a week. sounds reasonable.
    i too am interested in the crossing icefields question.

  • Photo of shneor

    shneor Jun 28, 2013

    Hey there!
    This took 5 days (4 nights), but we used a tent (otherwise chosse a different path from Skogdalsboen to Gjendebu).
    Crossing Ice fields is only recommanded on marked trails of DNT, and there you'll usually find either a guide that will bring cramps to cross with (like in this patch going up to fannarakhytta - only on high season), or some ropes attached.
    In this patch, almost everyday around noon there is a guide waiting to take people up, or you can take a guide down from the hut. Contact DNT for more info.

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