Time  4 hours 28 minutes

Coordinates 875

Uploaded September 30, 2015

Recorded September 2015

2,066 f
1,534 f
7.65 mi

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near Kronenburg, Nordrhein-Westfalen (Deutschland)

Kronenburg is a pretty little town, with ruins of a castle, an event-hotel, good pubs and an environment that invites hikers. Most visitors come because of the ruins and the town, and do not know what else they miss.

The trail starts on the highest parking lot of Kronenburg, near the gate to the old town. This is convenient if you want to start with a visit to the ruins. For the hike proper, one first has to descend to the Kyll stream. Near the bridge across the Kyll are several opportunities to get lost, so follow the coordinates. You will also pass the old Fire House.

Then ascend Steinert mountain. The Steinert has two summits, both of them round hills without much of a view. We’ll keep them for our next visit to the area.

This is followed first by a gradual, later more serious descend to the Tauberkyll Stream. In September, there were plenty of mushrooms, including the fly agaric or fly amanita (Amanita muscaria) which made it look like a crime scene.

In the Tauberkyll valley, a short excursion leads to the Matthias Cross.

The trail runs through Hallschlag and then follows the bank of the Tauberkyll. Eventually, one reaches the Kronenburg Lake, which is crossed over a weir. A nice path follows the shore to the dam, with a last push back up to the ruins.

The trail follows the route 24 of the Rother Eifel Wanderführers (3. edition, 2000).

For the German text follow the link.

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