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near Upper Tallebudgera, Queensland (Australia)

The Cream Track connects the top of the Springbrook plateaux and the end of the Tallebudgera Creek Road.

We walked uphill from Tallebudgera to Springbrook. Tallebugera end starts from the end of the road and you must go through a gate misleadingly marked private - the track is a public road reserve.

There are a few creek crossings lower down which could be tricky if there was a lot of rain. We didn't have any problems. We picked up some leeches and ticks.

At the Springbrook end, the track starts at the end of the bitumen. Just follow the track in the same direction as the road.


  • Cathy Jeffs Jul 12, 2015

    Please do not walk this track as what you are walking is mainly on private property and you are trespassing. The actual gazetted road reserve is totally impassable. The property owners were agreeable to walkers but since the numbers have increased they have now said no to more walkers.

  • gregkernaghan Jul 12, 2015

    The Cream Track is open... visit www.TheCreamTrack.com.au for details.

    It is true that a significant portion of the cream track at the Springbrook Mountain end is located on private property. I personally manage this private property, a working farm and Highland Cattle Stud and have done so for some years.

    The Gold Coast Bushwalkers Club regularly walk The Cream Track and are a great resource if you wish to walk this track with experienced folks or obtain further information.

    email: [email protected]
    phone: 0490 488 064
    post: PO Box 59, Miami, QLD, 4220

    In order to allow walkers to legally traverse the private property sections of the track, simply visit the website www.TheCreamTrack.com.au and fill out your online permit which will be emailed to you automatically.

    With best wishes to all

    Greg Kernaghan
    Property Manager
    2940 - 3000 Springbrook Road

  • Cathy Jeffs Jul 12, 2015

    Your end may be OK but it also traverses private properties at the bottom as well. A gate, lock and no trespassing signs will soon be installed. Why is there a gate and fence with no trespassing signs your place then?

  • gregkernaghan Jul 12, 2015

    Hi Cathy

    Please contact the Gold Coast Bushwalkers Club - they had a party walk the track today and have a good working relationship with all of the folks in Tallebudgera Valley.

    The signs at our end are to notify walkers without a valid permit from www.TheCreamTrack.com.au that they are in fact trespassing on private property. More informative signage is being installed at both ends shortly.

    Best and thanks

    Greg Kernaghan

  • Cathy Jeffs Jul 12, 2015

    Hi Greg,

    Things have changed since Friends Of Currumbin have become involved. It is most unfortunate.


  • Kathy Kirk Jan 9, 2016

    My husband and I walked this yesterday, from the Tallebudgera end and a lot of the land on this side is privately owned too. We talked to the owners of the private property on this side and it is not necessary to enter their land as there is now fluoro pink surveyor's tape that marks the original Cream Track, which walkers must follow or you will end up on their private property. Anyone who knows about the Cream track wants to follow the original anyway, so there is no need to trespass. Be fair to these people and follow the correct trail.

  • Lucy1977 Jan 16, 2016

    Hi. Can anyone tell me, is it easy to follow the tape markers the whole way up without getting lost or straying onto private property (other than Serenity farm, in which case ill gain a permit) or is it necessary to go with someone experienced with the track? TIA

  • Kathy Kirk Jan 17, 2016

    Lucy, my husband and I didn't have an experienced person to go with. If you just follow the fluoro pink tape, you'll be fine. In a lot of places there is no track, so to speak, but the tape is there tied around the trees so we just kept following that. Make sure you spray yourselves with Aerogard, even your feet inside your socks as there are a lot of leeches.

  • Lucy1977 Jan 17, 2016

    Thanks Kathy! That's great info. I'm looking forward to tackling this track soon.

  • malandlynne1 Aug 25, 2016

    Have done this track as per Greg's comments, thanks for making this great walk available.
    Logan & Beaudesert Bushwalkets are walking here this weekend 27th August 2016, www.bushwalkers.com.

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