• Photo of (Crazy) Bear River
  • Photo of (Crazy) Bear River
  • Photo of (Crazy) Bear River

Time  3 hours 25 minutes

Coordinates 778

Uploaded May 22, 2017

Recorded May 2017

1,926 f
1,722 f
5.15 mi

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near Pinecroft, California (United States)

This is actually along the Bear River just past the Bear River Campground. I call it "crazy" because at mile 2.2, we should have continued north on the trail instead of heading west back to the parking lot. BUT ... our little jog just added to the fun plus afforded porta-potty opportunities! d:~)

The trail is NOT well marked - only a few signs here & there.

Oh, and it's a great hike to do on a hot day because most of the trail is in shade plus there's the river to soak your feet at the end!

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  • Photo of TwylaWorld

    TwylaWorld May 23, 2017

    Awesome.. I want to check this out!

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