2,546 f
1,242 f
8.42 mi

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near Copeland, Virginia (United States)

Probably the most remote trailhead in Virginia's George Washington National Forest. To get to it, you must drive dirt roads approximately 10 miles (including a ford over Pads Creek), hope that the U.S. Forest Service has left a gate unlocked, and walk 2.1 miles from parking to the trailhead. Trailhead is reached via a poorly maintained dirt road paralleling railroad tracks. Even after finding the trailhead, the trail itself is very difficult to locate for the first quarter mile. It becomes easier to follow after the grade increases. Trail continues down the other side of Rough Mountain, but this hike turned around at the top. Trail does not reach State Rt. 42 on its western end because of private property. Note that this hike includes extra mileage, reflecting efforts to locate the trail after reaching the trailhead.
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