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near Cowan, New South Wales (Australia)

This has to be one my favorite Hikes. You start from Cowan and follow the Great North Walk north wards. After ascending the stairs after Jerusalem bay the entry to this track is behind A NPWS sign. It's pretty hard to find as it's very overgrown. Once on the trail you will need to keep your eyes open and follow the Cairns (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cairn) as there is no defined track. Be warned the trail is not defined at all. If you wear gators, bring them. You are pretty much going into bushland that is untouched with trails and is full of flora and fauna. I did this hike as an over night hike, camping on Taffy's rock. I would recommend a full summers day to do this as a day hike. I've marked this as 'Very Difficult' because you need to have had some trail knowledge to know how to follow cairns. It's easy to get lost on this trail (and I did for 10 mins).

The Return trip is 16km.

(Ignore the 'Time Took' its wrong)


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