7.48 mi

Elevation gain

23 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

23 ft

Max elevation

41 ft



Min elevation

-14 ft

Trail type

  • Photo of Covehithe and Benacre
  • Photo of Covehithe and Benacre
  • Photo of Covehithe and Benacre
  • Photo of Covehithe and Benacre
  • Photo of Covehithe and Benacre
  • Photo of Covehithe and Benacre




November 21, 2019


November 2019

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41 ft
-14 ft
7.48 mi

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near Covehithe, England (United Kingdom)

This walk involves a creek wade and the possibility of rising tides trapping the walker against cliffs.
At low tide in calm weather, the walk is fine. High tides and stormy weather could be very dangerous.
The highest tides completely inundate Benacre Broad and the entire beach could be under water!
At low tide, the creek is a running stream deep enough to overtop walking boots so expect to paddle.
Please keep away from the cliff edge or cliff bottom. A WW2 pill box might land on your head!
This section of coast is eroding rapidly and one good storm could completely invalidate this information.
If there is any doubt about the tide or weather, omit the beach section and return to base overland.
From March 1st till August 31st, please keep to the surf line to avoid nesting birds higher up the strand.
Park and meet at the Y-junction near St Andrew's Church, Covehithe.
The church is well worth a visit.
From the junction head towards the church and turn right, south on the footpath.
Head to the beach along this path, Covehithe broad, left.
Covehithe Broad is still a fresh water lake, but probably not for long with severe coastal erosion.
Head north along the beach for 2.25 miles.
At low tide there is firm wet sand for easy walking, much easier than the soft sand and pebbles higher up.
Pass the hazards including unstable cliffs, the creek wade, fallen dead trees and even higher unstable cliffs.
The giant golf ball of Sizewell power station can be seen in the distance.
The lighthouse at Southwold is also visible.
At the pumping station, climb off the beach.
The return walk uses the pumping station access road, SW.
Bear left, off the road and head south along the upper beach for 460 metres.
Head south along the raised causeway with fine views both sides.
Turn right, west, on a footpath and head east past the dragons' teeth, and through a kissing gate.
The path becomes a farm access road. Follow the road west for a mile.
Turn first left, south along Marsh Lane.
The lane meanders. After nearly a mile, turn left, east, onto a woodland track.
The track bends right, south.
At tarmac, turn right, west, for 160 metres.
Turn left, south, along Green Lane, a wide gravel track.
At a crossroads and house, turn left, east and return to St Andrew's Church, Covehithe.

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Car park

TM 52079 81826, Covehithe

Car park

TM 51068 82280, Green Lane


Pumping Station




Wade the Channel




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