16 mi

Elevation gain

2,602 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

2,602 ft

Max elevation

12,293 ft



Min elevation

9,771 ft

Trail type

  • Photo of Convento - Cerro San Miguel
  • Photo of Convento - Cerro San Miguel
  • Photo of Convento - Cerro San Miguel

Moving time

3 hours 21 minutes


6 hours 41 minutes




August 23, 2020


August 2020
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12,293 ft
9,771 ft
16.0 mi

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near Tianguillo, Mexico City (Mexico)

Technical difficulty: Easy

Physical difficulty: Moderate

Dogs allowed: Yes

Open hours: The park opens 8am-5pm (for cars) but you may enter earlier as a pedestrian. You can leave after 5pm.

Traffic: Medium (specially bikes) on weekends, very low during the week

Cost: $30 MXN per car + parking (at will)

Bikes allowed: Yes. But the trail is, I’d say, hard or very hard on bike because it’s very irregular, steep and rocky. I recommend you to look for other options to get there if you are a biker.

Required equipment: Nothing. Walking sticks may be recommended.

Exposure: Low, the trail is mostly covered by trees except for the last part.

Weather: Cool humid, it usually rains in the afternoon, check the weather before you go. Go early.

Trail description

Stage 1: The first 1-2km you walk in a paved road. There are many cars and bikes on weekends and in most parts there isn’t a sidewalk. You can avoid this part by parking near the trailhead and starting there.

Stage 2: 1-2km of VERY STEEP cobbled path where you may need to use your hands, a wooden stick or a walking stick. You will cross two roads during this stage.

Stage 3: 2-3km walking in a forest. The trail here goes up and down many times but it is easy.

Stage 4: 5-6km walking in a rocky, wide path. It is technically easy but it is all the way up with only a few resting sections and loose rocks.

Stage 5: After you leave the wide path turning right, there is a short steep muddy section. You can also continue on the wide trail but it goes up and down as it pases over the top of another hill.

Stage 6: Easy, almost flat path that goes around the first hill. It is a little bit exposed with nice views but it shouldn’t be a problem even for people who is afraid of heights.

Stage 7: Just another rocky steep section before you reach the top!

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