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Moving time  10 hours 42 minutes

Time  14 hours 25 minutes

Coordinates 8801

Uploaded July 29, 2018

Recorded July 2018

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11,105 f
8,148 f
31.32 mi

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near Sylvan Bay Summer Home Area, Wyoming (United States)

On this day’s segment of the CDT there will be relatively flat terrain in the beginning of the day, followed by a large descent down to the beautiful Green River. From there the trail follows the valley alongside the river all the way down to the Green River Lakes. At the end of the day there’s a ascent up towards the Gunsight Pass.

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  • Photo of Pablo de Gárate

    Pablo de Gárate Aug 2, 2018

    Magnificent itinerary!
    You are an athlete!
    What distances! What resistance!

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