10,779 ft
8,070 ft
7.35 mi

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near Cabanaconde, Arequipa (Peru)



  • Photo of Janice A

    Janice A Feb 17, 2019

    Hi I found your blog on line. I just wondered if I could ask your advice. We are 60, fit for our age but not half as fit as we used to be. Do you think the climb either down or up is too much for us?
    We were thinking 1 day down, 1 day back up. Thanks Janice

  • Photo of Sergei Shevlyagin

    Sergei Shevlyagin Feb 17, 2019

    Glad you found this helpful. I think you can do it. Make sure to bring poles and plenty of water and start early before it gets too hot when you're hiking back up.

  • Photo of Janice A

    Janice A Feb 17, 2019

    Thank you for your encouragement!

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