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near Bath, England (United Kingdom)

From the Bath Spa Station, this walk explores the River Avon, part of the Kennet and Avon Canal, a section of the "Walk to the View" path system, Widcombe Village, Pulteney Bridge, and part of central Bath.

A free map of the entire "Walk to the View" circle route is available at the tourist Information Centre in central Bath.

Recorded in January, 2018.
Train stop

Bath Spa Station

The Great Western Railway (British Rail) stop for Bath. Trains depart from Paddington Station, London, and continue to Bristol and South Wales.

Footbridge across River Avon

South of Bath Spa Station, a footbridge crosses to the south bank of the River Avon.

River Avon

Proceeding east along the south bank of the River Avon, towards the Bath Locks section of the Kennet and Avon Canal.

Bath Locks

Proceeding east along the Kennet and Avon Canal.

Kennet and Avon Canal

A roadway crosses over the canal, with a short, moderately steep grade up to the road level. It may be slippery and muddy - a good indicator of conditions to be expected higher up on the surrounding hillsides.

Widcombe Locks

"British Waterways Board, Widcombe Locks, restored at the expense of The City of Bath and the Kennet and Avon Canal Trust, 1969-1976"

Bathwick Fields

From the canal heading south, there is a moderate climb to paths and fields overlooking the City of Bath. The path can be muddy in places. Parts of Bathwick Fields are grazed by cattle in the summer months. All was open for dog walkers in January.
Birding spot

'Walk to the View' public footpath

A free map of the entire "Walk to the View" Public Footpath network is available at the Tourist Information Centre in central Bath.

Gate into farmyard

Exit the steep public footpath through a gate into a farmyard, observe signage, and proceed directly onto the farm lane.

Gate into field

Before crossing the main road and through an opposite gate onto a field path, there is access to the Smallcombe Garden Cemetery. Detailed information is on an attached photo.

Smallcombe fields

There are more good views over Bath from the top of the fields near Smallcombe Village.

Smallcombe Village

After climbing up through Smallcombe Fields, the path joins a road at Smallcombe Village. The route then follows the road down Widcombe Hill towards Bath.
Bus stop

Widcombe Hill Bus Stop

The route follows the road downhill towards Widcombe and Bath. Option of taking a bus from here. The bus stop sign in the photo is on the north side (going up) but there must also be a nearby stop on the south side (going down).

the White Hart Inn

On arriving at central Widcombe Village the White Hart Inn is on the left.

'The Ram'

3.50 GBP pints The route passes the back entrance to this pub, where an inconspicuous door leads to stairs up to the pub area.

River Avon

Walking north along the east bank of the River Avon.

River Avon - east Bank in Bath City

Proceeding north to Central Bath.

Pulteney Bridge

The Landmark Bridge in Central Bath, shops line both sides of the roadway, like the famous old London Bridge. Interesting shops along the bridge including a stamp and coin collectors shop and a more traditional pharmacy.

Guildhall Market

In central Bath, numerous shops, restaurants, pubs, attractions.

Abbey Hotel and The Huntsman

Classic Bath.

Sally Lunn's

Historic restaurant famous for its breads. "The Oldest House in Bath 1482 Sally Lunn lived here 1680"

Abbey Green and The Crystal Palace

In a small square, a short walk to the south of the Bath Abbey.
World Heritage Site

Bath Abbey and Roman Baths

Iconic attractions of Bath.

Street fruit and vegetable market

Operating on an evening in January, 2018.


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    Of you are in Bath you must do this walk.

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    It's only a small segment if a much longer network of paths, full map at tourist information in downtown Bath.

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    Amazing trail and easy to follow.

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