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near El Chorro, Andalucía (España)

The Escalera Arabe – the Arabic staircase

A hike up the Arabic staircase is a classic route and the most popular walk in the Desfiladero de Los Gaitanes Natural Park. If doing one hike in the area, this should be it.

The exact origins of the staircase are unknown. The general consensus is that they were built in the 15C by Mozarabs as part of their trading routes.

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Picnic spot


Start & End


Turning for the Arabic staircase


  • hroch2 Jun 4, 2017

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Great views + the weirdness of an actual staircase in the middle of the mountainface make this a great little hike. The only catch comes at the top, where you have to cross some private property to get to the road back (we ran into a friendly shepherd with some unfriendly shepherd dogs but no harm was done). The best way is to keep close to the rock face of the mountain towards the right until you get to the road that descends back. It is marked yellow and white with official hiking signs from a little down the road.

  • Photo of Johninmalaga.com

    Johninmalaga.com Jun 5, 2017

    Thanks for the comment hroch2 - yes it can be slightly confusing at the top. You just keep going upwards across the farm as best you can (or stay on the sides) - aiming for the woods at the back. Once there it's straightforward. Hikers have the right of way while crossing the farm. Glad you enjoyed the hike

  • kutsuroide Mar 8, 2018

    Loved this walk, thanks! Some stunning views, even on a cloudy/rainy day!

  • jalhvandepol Jul 20, 2018

    I have followed this trail  verified  View more

    Beautiful trial, first easy but more narrow and difficult closer to the top. We took the route in opposite direction which worked out very well and gave us the advantage of climbing in the shade and descending the stairs in the sun (at 40 C).

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