8.43 mi

Elevation gain

1,883 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

1,883 ft

Max elevation

8,147 ft


52 5

Min elevation

6,985 ft

Trail type



6 hours 4 minutes




April 13, 2016


March 2016
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8,147 ft
6,985 ft
8.43 mi

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near Cemorolawang, Jawa Timur (Indonesia)

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Engraved with Garmin Etrex 30.

Islands travel video : Indonesia

Route through the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. The route starts from the Bromo Permai Hotel. If you stay before the point where you have to make the payment you can avoid paying the fee of about 10 euros.

Early morning to see the sunrise from the Pananjakan viewpoint. It is not necessary to go by jeep or motorcycle, it takes 40 minutes to arrive. The viewpoint that is marked with the waypoint is the second we found, the views are spectacular.

The descent to the desert of sand is done by a road that winds through which almost no one goes down, you can enjoy a large section with no tourists. It is a beautiful area that brings you closer to Mount Batok, where motorcycles and horses offer you to approach bromine on a stage taken from the Mad Max movie. Leaving the Hindu temple to the left, we ascend the Bromo through some stairs, previously crossing a canyon formed in the ash by the water.

The views of the volcano and the noise it makes when expelling gas and ash is overwhelming. I recommend not to stay in the crowded viewpoint of tourists and walk along the edge of the crater depending on how the wind is blowing to avoid smoke. The route is simply ten.




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Punto de pago


  • Roland Bartels Aug 10, 2018

    Estupendo! Evita todo el estrés de las excursiones en jeep y ves más y con más tranquilidad. Salimos a las 3 de la madrugada y subimos un poco más del segundo mirador, casi al de los tours. Valió la pena porque se ve mejor los volcanes.

  • Photo of daniorte

    daniorte Aug 10, 2018

    Me alegra que te resultara util, a mi juicio la mejor opcion para visitar el parque del bromo

  • Photo of _Shard

    _Shard Sep 23, 2018

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Hicimos una ruta muy parecida. Sólo subimos un pelín mas'apara ver el amanecer, y luego encontramos un caminito estrecho diferente para bajar de Cemoro a la llanura. Lástima que el GPS no se portó muy bien y quedó mal grabado. Gracias por el track.

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