7.39 mi

Elevation gain

1,463 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

1,463 ft

Max elevation

5,589 ft


46 4

Min elevation

4,585 ft

Trail type



3 hours 54 minutes




August 20, 2015


August 2015
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5,589 ft
4,585 ft
7.39 mi

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near Laspaúles, Aragón (España)

We found this walk on an information board next to the camping in Lespaules, together with other suggestions for walks in the surroundings of Lespaules.

As the village is situated at a height of 1431 metres and is easily accessible by car, it has the advantage of starting the walks under cooler circumstances and the height also ensures you that you will have good views.

This is a spectecular walk as far as panorama is concerned. The panoramas are far and wide and omnipresent with almost every step you take.

The walk has a pastoral beginning once you pass the camping and see the ancient bridge you have to pass with a beautiful picnic field adjacent to it.

After you have left this behind the path really starts to climb to Suils, the litlle village next to Lespaules until you reach El Mirador de Suils at 1520 metres.Obiously you will have a wonderful view from this 'mirador'. especially on El Turbón and of course the villages Laspaules and Suils.

After this most of the walk is along wide forest tracks that go gently up and down and, as said before, the views are very extensive. You can see the magnificent El Turbón range and to the north El Pico Ciboles and the range of ski mountains above Benasque and to the east you will see the enormous range of mountains in the national park of Aïguestortes, and the lower mountains at the foot of them. And to the south you have a splendid view of the mountains around Bonansa, also a very nice starting point for beautiful mountain walks, and the range of the Sierra de Sis.

It must be said that most of this walk is in the open so there is not much shade to be found. We did find some at the highest point of the walkj at 1701 metres where we had a lovely picnic watching a group of at least 15 vultures circling above as and perching on peaks of about 1900 metres, one of which you can reach via a path starting at the col where we were watching them.

After reaching the highest point the walk gradually goes down and you will also have a lovely view on the track that you took on the way up and on the ravine in between the track you follow now and the one you took on the way up. While to the left you will see lovely situated villages like Ardanue, Denuy, Ribera and Ardanuý and all the magnificent mountains and peaks beyond them.

There is too much to see on this walk to describe.

Once you pass the lovely little village of Neril you will leave the wide track after a while and the last part of the walk is across red rock until you reach a tiny path that leads you to the N-260 and back to Lespaules.

Information point



Mirador de Suils


Highest point of the walk, 1701 metres.

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    Passejada que transcorre gairebé en la seva totalitat per pista forestal de terra. Paisatge prepirinenc ideal per a fer amb nens

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