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near La Bastide, Région Languedoc-Roussillon (France)

The beginning of this walk is the Coll de Palomera, which can be reached from the Coll de Xatard 3 kilometres further from Saint Marsal or going up from the village of Valmanya.

This is an outstanding starting point for mountain walks, also in the direction of the Tour de Batera.

From the coll the first part of the walk is a rise of slighty more than 100 metres and the views are spectecular from the beginning and will stay so all the way. Especially the Canigou range is impressive at such close distance but also the views towards the east are amazing. La Bastide, a beautiful mountain village, worth visiting, is prominent and also the mountain ridges of Saint Marsal and Montbolo as well as the Pyrenees stretching towards the Mediterranean.

After the first climb you go down again and to the west you will see the beatifully situated village of Baillestavy after La Creu d'En Turon, a pylon with antenna and satellite discs, you go up again.

First the going is gentle, through the ferns, but once you reach the coll the Montportel the climb will become very steep indeed.until you reach the ruins of st Anna.

This is a beautiful picnic place. with an all around view.

from here you can go the same way back to the starting point or do as we did. The next part is an absolutely fantastic walk through such quiet surroundings. the only sounds you will hear are those of the many sheep and the dogs who protect them and the birds of course. And the views remainwonderful all the way back to the starting point.


Coll Palomera

Ample space to park your car.

The ruins





Coming to the fence, go to the left to reach this gate and get to the footpath.

La Creu d'En Turon


    You can or this trail