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Time  3 hours 13 minutes

Coordinates 844

Uploaded October 4, 2013

Recorded September 2013

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197 f
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5.7 mi

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near Santa Maria di Castellabate, Campania (Italia)

Cilento: S Marco di Castellabate-Ogliocastro

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    bombaybelle Aug 26, 2016

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    I did this trail in reverse, Ogliastro to San Marco. The trail is lovely, but there are two problems. At the Ogliastro there is a gate that blocks access to the road. The guard seems to let some people through and not others. I managed to work my way around by going through parking lot, cutting through a bit of trees and then crossing the road and following the trail. Later on the road either is not private or no one seems to care if you walk on it. Indeed, At the Punta Licosa side the gate seems to be gone so you can freely enter, and perhaps no one will bother you if you are exiting at Ogliastro -- not sure. The second problem is that if you are following the trail and not the road, then the trail becomes impassable at many points; sometimes by trees and bush or or by rocks or cliffs if you are water's edge. The only way I can see to follow the path as indicated here is to step into the water to skirt around the rock corners. When the water is calm that seems possible, but not necessarily very easy. The reward if you follow the trail is some beautiful rocky beaches where it is very peaceful.

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