7.58 mi

Elevation gain

1,043 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

1,053 ft

Max elevation

112 ft



Min elevation

-22 ft

Trail type



5 hours 50 minutes




January 17, 2011


January 2011

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112 ft
-22 ft
7.58 mi

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near Chuluota, Florida (United States)

The Chuluota Wilderness Area is made up of 620 acres, consisting of many ecosystems. This hike consists of my GPS tracks as I explore/wander the area. This wilderness area, provided by Seminole County, is bordered by private property and the Charles Bronson State Forest. Stay off the private property, but the State Forest should be open to the public (see my hikes in that area). During my hike this day I entered a number of different ecosystems, as well as a variety of trails and roads to explore. The Florida Trail (FT) section is very well laid out and well blazed (orange paint). The trails setup by Seminole County are not well marked and confusing (at least as of 1/2011). I would encounter medal blazes all over the place, never really connecting one to the other. This is not a real problem because the whole area is surrounded by barbed wire, so you can not really get totally lost (a GPS is always nice to have though). I did find a section of the West Loop (a real trail) to be very pretty. Other parts of the trails were just fireroads and sandy roads, not the greatest thing to hike. There are a number of old roads which crisscross the area, those were fun to wander on. Eagle Scout Chris Carroll has provided a shelter/platform overlooking the large pond for public use, thanks Chris! I wish I lived closer to this area so I could enjoy it more. As I mentioned, you will see a nice variety of ecosystems and if your lucky, a variety of wildlife. I saw some hogs, turkeys, songbirds and deer during my trip.
As their brochure asks, take nothing but pictures, kill nothing but time, leave nothing but footprints. This is a very nice area to visit, consider coming back again and again. I did find a little litter, so bring a plastic bag to do your part. Horses are allowed in the area, so don't be surprised to encounter them.
Check my webpage for more information at

Animal Trail

One of the many animal trails I ventured on
Mountain hut

Covered Bench #1

Covered Bench Provided for a break
Mountain hut

Covered Bench #2

Covered Bench Provided for a break

Observation Platform

Shelter/Observation Platform

Old Bench #1

Rest Bench

Old Bench #2

Rest Bench
Car park

Parking Area



Open Pasture



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