9,281 ft
2,911 ft
10.6 mi

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near Yenbek (Kazakhstan)

Charyn Canyon Trek from Bridge to Valley of Castle

Start Point

16-APR-15 9:44:19

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  • Amedeo Testori Sep 25, 2019

    Hello, I just finished with this trail. I don't know Mr. Gabchenko physical skills and neither with how many kg he was doing the hike.

    Personally I found it way more than "Moderate" as difficulty. I'm 23, used to walk since I'm young in Alps Mountain and this trail was one of the most dangerous I have never done.

    I must say i was carrying 25kg backpack and I was quite sick as well but I would like to worry out people before doing it.

    There is a track all way long, really easy to loose sometimes. At least 5 times I had to properly climb, sometimes the rocks are good sometimes they broke in your hands.

    The last part, before the Castels Valley, was horrible, I hope I mistook the way because it was too much dangerous.

    In conclusion, if I were Mr. Gabchenko I would classify it atleast with hard or even very hard.

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