• Photo of Charnwood peaks
  • Photo of Charnwood peaks

Time  6 hours 32 minutes

Coordinates 1924

Uploaded December 1, 2012

Recorded November 2012

913 f
352 f
16.74 mi

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near Markfield, England (United Kingdom)

Route taking The highest points of Charnwood. Old John, Beacon Hill, Bardon Hill, Billa Barra and Hill Hole Quarry. In some places I veered of the footpath. Some times intentionally as I was pushed for time mainly around Bardon Hill. Watch out for the dogs in the field when approaching the M1 for the second time near Markfield. When I was on top of Bardon Hill it was amazing above the clouds all you could see was the Top off Billa Barra floating. Make sure you take the right route in Hill Hole Quarry. I didn't because I was looking at the water ended up trying to cross a ridge but had to turn back. It was getting dark! The correct way is through the Quarry Bowl and not up by the Mast (see link below) .Queens Head pub at end.

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