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near Christmas, Florida (United States)

This entry shows an alternate route to take when attempting to hike the FNST orange trail from the Seminole Ranch Conservation Area into the Charles H Bronson State Forest. The trail was mainly created to avoid a very wet orange trail. The beginning of the FNST orange trail can be quite wet and muddy, so selecting this alternate route is a good idea. If you attempt to exit the orange trail and hit a fair amount of water, I suggest you backtrack and take this white blazed trail. The white trail runs along the state forest fence until you come to a crossover. Take the crossover and follow the well blazed and normally very dry trail until you come to the orange trail. Everything is well marked, so you shouldn’t have any trouble. You can see the orange trail by looking at my WIKILOC entry “Charles H Bronson State Forest – FNST Orange Trail”. Make sure you follow the blazes; there is some private property out there which must be avoided. Also, please take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footprints. Always check the hunting schedule before going into this area. Please also note that on all FNST trails – foot traffic only! Check my website for information about downloading tracks and more pictures - - happy trails to all!
Fence crossover into the Charles Bronson State Forest
FNST Orange Trail Intersection


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