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Time  15 minutes

Coordinates 50

Uploaded April 10, 2011

Recorded March 2011

71 f
27 f
0.28 mi

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near West Trailer Park Mobile Home Park, Florida (United States)

This entry is about the blue blazed trail which leads from the parking area at the end of Phillips Road up to the FNST orange blazed trail. This short trail can be used as a quick and easy way to get to the orange trail. Once you hit the orange trail you can either follow it to the Chuluota Wilderness Area or to the Seminole Ranch Conservation Area. You can see the Charles H Bronson orange trail by looking at my WIKILOC entry “Charles H Bronson State Forest – FNST Orange Trail”. Also, please take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footprints. Always check the hunting schedule before going into this area. Please also note that on all FNST trails – foot traffic only! Check my website for information about downloading tracks and more pictures - - happy trails to all!
Pickup the FNST orange trail here
Parking area provided at the end of Phillips Road


    You can or this trail