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near Christmas, Florida (United States)

This entry shows the Florida National Scenic Trail (FNST) which runs from the Seminole Ranch Conservation Area to the Chuluota Wilderness Area. The trail is blazed using orange paint. It is very well maintained by FT volunteers, who do a great job. The trail crosses three creeks – Christmas, Joshua and Buscombe. Bridges/walkovers have been constructed over the creeks. Being that many sections of the trail are located in the wetter section of the state forest, they also have provided some walkovers over major wet sections. I am sure that if you attempt the trail during the wet season or after some heavy rains; you will encounter water on sections of the trail! I know when I hiked it; many sections were ankle deep with water and some mud. Being that the section near the Seminole Ranch Conservation Area is true wetlands, they have provided an alternate while trail to use – it is much dryer and will eventually connect you to the main orange trail. See my entry “Charles H Bronson State Forest – FNST White Alternate Dry Trail” for more information about that trail. Also see my entry “Seminole Ranch Conservation Area – Wheeler Road FNST Trail”. I have seen deer, hogs, turkeys, eagles, bobcats, hawks, songbirds and river otters during my visits to the area. There are cattle in the area, if you should encounter one, don’t worry, they don’t like you and will run. Also, please take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footprints. Always check the hunting schedule before going into this area as it is a FWC hunting area. Please also note that on all FNST trails – foot traffic only! Check my website for information about downloading tracks and more pictures - - happy trails to all!
Blue trail connector from Philipps Road parking area
Bridge over Buscombe Creek
Bridge over Christmas Creek
Cross over barbwire fence
Cross over barbwire fence
Cross over barbwire fence
Bridge over Joshua Creek


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