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Recorded February 2014

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near West Trailer Park Mobile Home Park, Florida (United States)

Charles H. Bronson State Forest - (Exploring 3)
Exploring the southern end of this area I began at the Phillips Rd. trailhead and hiked the horse trail out to some pastures. I eventually got onto the Florida Trail and made it to Christmas Creek before turning back. I found a lot of neat sites on this adventure. Some of the things I saw were two abandoned hunt lodges, an abandoned modern home & building remains.

Here is a great site to help discover a lot about this place - http://tomchoma.blogspot.com/2010/12/charles-h-bronson-state-forest-hiking.html
Horse Trail
Florida Trail Marker
Building Remains?
Abandoned Home
Old Hunt Lodge
Abandoned Hunt Lodge
Abandoned Hunt Lodge
Florida Trail
Fern Camp
Concrete Foundation
Old Building in Ruins
Old Building Remains
Old Building Remains
Building Remains
Florida Trail and River Trail Connector
Florida Trail
White Trail
Christmas Creek
Boardwalk Christmas Creek
Florida Trail
Old Bridge Ruins?
Open Areas
Horse Trail


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