Technical difficulty   Easy

Time  7 hours 49 minutes

Coordinates 1838

Uploaded December 4, 2010

Recorded December 2010

144 f
-55 f
12.07 mi

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near West Trailer Park Mobile Home Park, Florida (United States)

This hike will take you from the parking area on Phillips Road over and up Road 1 and then out to the big pasture. From there you will connect with Road 4 and out to the west side. You will than loop around some of the different numbered roads in that area. You will certainly see a mess of cattle and some of the remnants of the cattle ranch which use to occupy this area. This is a WMA, so be aware that hunting is going on quite often in this state forest, so wear bright clothes or just stay away during hunting dates. Please take nothing but photos (and trash if you spot it) and leave nothing but footprints!
This Gate Will Take You Into The Open Area
This is the end of the State Forest on this side
Large Cattle Feeder - Almost Looks Like A Dairy Queen


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