exo karpos
83 3 57

Time  4 hours 24 minutes

Coordinates 1129

Uploaded November 2, 2015

Recorded November 2015

562 f
147 f
8.87 mi

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near Kholo, Queensland (Australia)

After descending this track and crossing the creek there is a small dam. Water in the dam is unreliable, often dry.
A small dam is here. Track No. 1 leads to the log cabin house which is within the Changing Mountain Bushland Reserve, the house is monitored by remote cameras.
A short distance past the dam turn left onto this abandoned track, follow the ridge up turning right at the next made track.
Before descending, note in the distance the tower at Mt. Crosby lookout.
Just past the creek turn right onto an abandoned track. Here the track disappears into thick lantana, follow the track walking directly into the creek bed, negotiating some vine & lantana. Follow the rocky creek bed for about 60 metres leaving the creek just past the overhanging creek bank where the track can be regained.
Turn left here, track on right goes to Mt. Crosby lookout about 20 minutes return.
For about 120 metres the track follows the southern bank of the creek. After negotiating around some lantana cross onto the northern bank making for the slightly higher ground and around another patch of lantana. Here the track vanishes under low ground cover, just follow the open creek flat, it gradually narrows approaching the next made track near Lake Manchester-rd. Once on the made track take the track on the left.
Turning left here, then right top of ridge, further along passing gate W105, then right at track marker No. 13, and then right at the next marker No. 12.
After passing marker No. 15 in the second gully a ridge track enters from the left, but this is overgrown with lantana.
After turning right at marker No. 17 and descending a small dam can be found at marker No. 22.


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