Moving time  one hour 46 minutes

Time  2 hours 34 minutes

Coordinates 1209

Uploaded March 10, 2018

Recorded March 2018

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7,718 ft
6,601 ft
5.1 mi

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near Jericó, Departamento de Antioquia (Republic of Colombia)

Our guide Jaime took us on this loop up a path called "la Gruta" to the top of Cerro las Nubes, along the ridge, then back down a path called "Los Aguacates."

Going up and along the ridge was easy and very rewarding, with great views. The descent was tricky. It's overgrown and you have to be very careful to follow the path exactly to avoid getting into thick mud. (Without our guide we would've gotten covered with mud.)

Overall it was a worthwhile hike.

FYI: We could've done it 30 minutes or so faster if not for our guide, who was a bit older and not in prime physical shape like we are.

Also, if you're planning on spending some time in Jericó, don't miss out on our complete guide to the city and our tour of the best restaurants and artisanal restaurants in the city. Click the "View more" link below to see it.

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Down to salvador


Estacion telepherica de las nubes


Alto de nepo



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  • Kirkjogo Sep 6, 2018

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    Without a guide don’t do the descent through the forest it’s no fun. Especially if it rained recently. Very muddy not much to see. Would suggest turning around at the final marker and descending the way you came

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