Time  7 hours 37 minutes

Coordinates 1687

Uploaded April 12, 2017

Recorded February 2014

4,663 ft
749 ft
6.32 mi

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near Puerto Bandera, Santa Cruz (Argentina)

The start is from the road 09 to Punta Bandera, halfway between the departure from the road to the Perito Moreno and the port itself. Ascent and descent are totally free, with very thorny bushes in the low part. Ascent in a little and densely vegetated valley, then on a secondary ridge which joins another ridge line at a point characterized by very sandy terrain. At this point the way to the summit is straightforward. Descent a little more east, just for the sake of variety. With more time is should be possible to reach also higher summits of the Peninsula Magallanes, but this offers indeed the more exposed view on the Lago Argentino. The open problem is whether there is an optimal viewpoint on both the lake and the Perito Moreno glacier, on the opposite side of the mountain chain occupying the Peninsula Magallanes.
Find below a copy of the description that I wrote down for the summit 360°, see http://www.panorama-photo.net/panorama.php?pid=18358


"Mar interno, hijo del manto patrio, que cubre la Cordillera en la inmensa soledad, la naturaleza que te hizo no te dió nombre. La voluntad humana desde hoy te llamará "Lago Argentino". Que mi bautismo te sea propicio; que no olvides quien te lo dió y que el día en que el hombre reemplace al puma y al guanaco, nuestros actuales vecinos; cuando en tus orillas se conviertan en cimientos de ciudades los trozos erráticos que tus antiguos hielos abandonarían en ellas; cuando las velas de los buques se reflejen en tus aguas, como hoy lo hacen los gigantes témpanos y dentro de un rato la vela de mi bote; cuando el silbido del vapor reemplace el grito del cóndor que hoy nos cree presa fácil; le recuerden los humildes soldados que le precedieron, para revelarse a él, que en este momento pronuncian el nombre de la patria bautizándote con tus propias aguas!"

With this speech Francisco Pascasio Moreno, the future Perito of the Argentinian Border Commission, "christened" the then nameless lake that he had just reached, after having ascended the whole of the Rio Santa Cruz. "Nature, who created you, did not give you a name - from now on, human will will call you Argentino".
The view is taken from a little summit of the bulky mountain occupying the whole of Peninsula Magallanes, which on maps is sometimes called Cordón Buenos Aires.
The Betracher complains that, whereas the title promises about lakes and Peritos, the view opens on no lake, and on dull mountains instead. But the point is that, behind these dull mountains, secretly the lake still stretches its long arms, namely the Canal de los Tempanos (of the icebergs) and the Brazo Rico, separated only by the tongue of a glacier which is called - try to guess - Perito Moreno, although is was neither reached nor seen by the latter.

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Start at road


Little valley


Ascent ridge I


Sandy shoulder

A spot with very loose terrain.



Ascent ridge II


Summit ridge




Snow belt


Isolated trees


Last shoulder


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