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Uploaded October 22, 2016

Recorded May 2014

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near El Arco, Los Lagos (Chile)

From la Junta there is a variety of possible tours, and Arco Iris is a wonderful choice for a single-day walk.
For long time you walk in the middle of the wood, until reaching a spectacular alerce site.
Higher up, you begin to find granite sections, which are overcome with the aid of fixed ropes. There are trees and even alerces, however, even after the lower granite sections.
After the end of the vegetation, you follow the easy ridge, up to a leftwardsa traverse below the main summit, which leads to the viewpoint which is the end of my trail.
I do not know if the classical Arco Iris is this point, the main summit (which for me was barely accessible due to the first autumn snow) or the spot, coming much earlier, marked as "Mirador Arco Iris". I can only witness the exceptional panoramic value of the destination chosen by me.

You are strongly encouraged to look at the labeled version of the summit 360° panorama, namely
Here I collected all my knowledge about the surrounding names, but I must admit that this knowledge is very incomplete, also because the only helpful site is
Please communicate to me if you have some correction or integration to the names reported there!!

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Mountain hut

La Junta

For more information, see my other trail Cochamó - La Junta, www.wikiloc.com/wikiloc/view.do?id=15201720


Worth a visit from La Junta even if you are not heading to Arco Iris.

Arrow to Arco Iris

The only signposts which I found along the route.

Alerzal milenario

Here you find alerce trees (Fitzroya cupressoides) that are said to be also 4000 years old.

First little granite band

You turn around it, rightwards when ascending, with the aid of some fixed ropes.

Fixed ropes

This is the steepest place. It would be impossible here to proceed safely without these ropes.

Upper ropes

On wet and smooth granite slabs.

Upper alerces


Upper ridge

Here the trees end and all the upper section of the tour is in sight.


A long leftwards traverse under sheer granite walls, with limited altitude gain.


Here I turned left to the panoramic point. I guess that for the true summit I should have turned right, down into a little valley and then up, but there was too much snow on the rocks.

Cerro Arco Iris

One of the best panoramas I have ever seen. Add also the feeling of total loneliness.

Mirador - Start of traverse

Good view on the Cerros La Junta and Capicúa

Mirador Arco Iris

To be honest, on the site I did not single out a precise mirador, since all the ridge is extremely panoramic. To set the waypoint, I sticked to Openstreetmap.


  • Photo of Antonio Vial Hudson

    Antonio Vial Hudson Nov 13, 2017

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    Nice views

  • Photo of Eneko Escudero

    Eneko Escudero May 8, 2019

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    Ascenso con mucha pendiente, con zonas muy expuestas, donde hay cuerdas fijas instaladas, las vistas son increibles

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